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Find any bugs,glitches?

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Find any bugs,glitches?

Post  Phinny on Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:25 am

If you happen to find any bugs or minor glitches(including the hotel or forum), please contact one of our Administrators or Moderators, we will look into it right away.
scratch What the point of reporting the bug?
Reporting a bug or glitch is kinda big to us here at Jubbo. We want you to have 100% secure and safe fun.

Shocked What is the reward of reporting a TRUE bug or glitch?
If you report the bug or glitch to one of our staff, well first, it has to be TRUE that you found one. Dont dillydally and just report false ones. We will reward/grant the person a knowledgement that we know that you are trusted and etc. ( this may get you better chances in staff applications when they come out)

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